Friday, January 28, 2011

Minion Obsession

For Christmas Tara bought Greg the movie "Despicable Me". He is nuts over this movie. I think we have watched it no less than 10 times since Christmas day. I could probably quote most of it. the packaging of the movie was included a blow-up minion. We stuck it in our Christmas tree and then I pretty much forgot about it. That is until this morning.

I was putting laundry away and went down to Josh's room. When I turned the corner, this is what was peering at me. I instantly started laughing out loud. I love how he is just hanging out on Josh' s pull-up bar. I wonder where I will find him next? My mind is going crazy with lots of interesting ways I could prop him all over the house. Hmmm....This could be fun! I also loved his sombrero right next to it. There is a story behind that too...

Last summer our stake participated in a pioneer trek. Josh was told he had to have a hat. So, he went to the store and found this hat. Sadly, the bishop told him this would not work, but Josh has found numerous other uses for it. That kid is very creative and for months we would find it everywhere. I love his twisted sense of humor...he is always finding ways to make me smile.

I will keep you posted on the minions' whereabouts...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Need Tulips

Today I am feeling kind of blahhhh. I am not sure why. I find myself seeking pictures of flowers and looking at online flower catalogs. I think I have Spring Fever and it is driving me nuts.

I went to the temple the other day and saw that some of the violets we had planted last Fall were beginning to come back to life. That image has been in my head ever since. Why can't Spring come sooner??? I want sunshine, green grass and lots of flowers. I want to sit by the pool and read a book. I want to till my garden and watch the seeds grow. I want to see the cherry and apple tree blossoms outside my window. I want to drive up the canyon and have a BBQ. I want to wear a shirt with short sleeves and not worry about freezing to death. I want to smell grass clippings from a freshly cut lawn. I want to sit on my front steps and watch the sun set at 9:30 pm. Today I have kept telling myself "six more weeks". I hope I make it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mr Josh

Josh makes me laugh. A lot. He is a young man who knows who he is and does not really care what others think of him. Love it! About 4 months ago he went to DI with the intent of finding the most hideous, ugly, obnoxious sport coat he could find. This is what he found. You can't really tell from the photo, but it is a tweed. Actually, it is not that bad and he wears it ALL THE TIME. Recently he has stepped it up a notch and decided to start adding buttons to the lapel. So...we are on the constant hunt for buttons for his coat. It has been pretty fun and even Grandma G in Boise is keeping a keen eye out. You may also notice the red watch he is sporting. For Christmas he wanted a watch. Not just any watch, a RED watch. He told me (rather sarcastically) it would make his wardrobe "pop". That boy if FUNNY.

This morning I looked down the stairs to the family room and this is what I saw. Awww. Josh has a soft side...who knew? I had to snap a quick picture because I am not sure I will ever see Maddie snuggle up to him again like this. She is very wary of people, especially men. She must have been desperate :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today was Emma's sixth grade graduation from the NOVA program. This is a program put on by the police station that is kind of like DARE. It teaches children to reach their potential and to say not to drugs, media and anything else that is not uplifting. The purpose it to make them become better members of society.

Emma came home last night and told me that her essay was one of four chosen to be read in front of the school and all the parents of the sixth grade children. One child from each class was picked by the officer. Cool. I went to the assembly to listen to her thinking that was pretty cool. When I looked at the program, I discovered that not only had she been chosen to read her essay, but she had won an award for going "Media Free" for an entire week along with many other students at her school.

As the assembly progressed, it was announced that one child from each of the four sixth grade classes had been chosen by the officer to receive the "Super Nova Award". This award was based on hard work, respect, fulfilling all optional assignments and over all excellence. I was surprised to hear Emma's name announced! Even more cool. She was pretty excited! Below are some pictures from this afternoon...

Emma waiting with her class for the assembly to begin.
Four students were chosen to read their essays. Emma and her best friend, Casey were two of the four picked.
Emma receiving her Super NOVA Award from Mr. Palmer, the principal.

Who Knew?

Cordell bought Jenni a sewing machine for Christmas. Who knew that this gal would love sewing so much??? She has been wanting one and I kind of thought she was kidding. If you knew Jenni, you would have thought that she was joking too. She has been going crazy making decorative pillows and loving it! This girl is becoming domestic. If anyone had asked me which of my girls would love to sew, I NEVER would have said Jenni. Life is full of surprises :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Big Bummer

Yesterday I finally remembered to take my camera and video recorder to Emma's soccer game. Miracle in itself. I even managed to record two of Emma's goals! I was stoked. I could not wait to get home and post them onto my blog. While on the drive home Emma and her friend, Casey, who was traveling with us, wanted to look at the video. Somehow between that little viewing and getting home, those precious videos were deleted. Are you kidding me??? Gone. Poof. Forever. Not only were the videos gone, but every picture on that SD card had vanished. Ahh...the joys of motherhood.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Update

I have not had the time lately to sit and really update about to many things. Today I am making time. Here is a bit of what we have been up to...

1. Painting/Primary. That would be me. Soon the painting part will be over if I could just sit down and focus for an entire day. Silly really. This project has taken far too long, but I have to say, it is looking really good. I plan to finish the trim/bead board today. That is if my phone could stop ringing. When my dad was here he could not believe how many phone calls our home received in a 24 hour period of time. It is a little nuts.

2. Soccer. That would be Emma. We have signed her up on an indoor soccer team to get all her excess energy out. It seems to be making a small dent. Indoor soccer is actually really fun to watch and moves a lot faster than outdoor. She is loving it and they have won all their games. Their next game is Monday morning at 6:10 am. Yep, that's not a typo. Who schedules a game at 6:10 am for an 11 year old girl??? Let's just say that I plan to literally climb out of bed, throw on some clothes, wash my face and head out the door. It's a good thing I love that gal...

3. Football. Monday night was the big BCS championship game and our home was divided. Greg is from Alabama, thirty minutes outside of Auburn and I was raised in Oregon. I honestly did not care who won, but had to mix it up a bit. All day long whenever I talked to Greg I would just say "Quack, Quack" was making him crazy. Ha! I love that kind of stuff. All the kids came over for dinner that night and we had a great FHE. We made chicken and steak tacos and Greg actually braved the cold and grilled the meat outside in the 14 degree weather. He must have really wanted those tacos :) Austin, Emma and I were the only one rooting for Oregon, but oh was fun "stirring the pot" a bit and making Greg crazy :) Unfortunately, I was so busy enjoying myself that I forgot to take any pictures. Bummer.

4. Josh is looking at colleges still. He is torn between BYU Idaho and UVU. He really wants to go to BYU Idaho, but kind of wants to stay home and save money. He also wants to be here to attend all the missionary farewells for many of his friends. I can't believe that he is a senior! Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I was in the ER with him getting a wheel from his Matchbox car out of his nose...

5. Taking a trip to Boise. That is me, again. My mom called me Sunday and has decided that she is wanting me to come back up and help her some more. We booked a flight for the first week in March. Dayna and Peter will be out of town, so I will help mom and also keep an eye of little Pete and the dog. I am actually kind of looking forward to it. Mom and I always have a really good time.

That is about it. Nothing too exciting, but I still wanted to record it.

Friday, January 7, 2011


My new calling has been interesting. We (as a presidency) seem to be limping by, dodging various bullets that have been blasted our way. Holly's grandmother past away and she had to leave town for a number of weeks. Lindsay had her baby and is leaving for Alabama to be with her sweet hubby and cute little Jane until at least the first part of May. Shellie has fallen and shattered her shoulder, had her husband fall on ice and have surgery on both his knees and just last week ended up in the ER throwing up blood. And me...well you know all about what I have been doing these past few months. It has been crazy.

Last Sunday my phone was ringing off the hook before church. Teachers sick, children who had been assigned talks were sick, Shellie was in the went on and on. But you know what? It was fine. I made some quick phone calls and every person that I called helped me without hesitation. Each was even joyful about the prospect of stepping in.

Blessings from above, that is what I call it. Angels sent to help a tired and desperate gal. Thanks to all that pitched in. Each of you is wonderful.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

For my birthday many months ago, my kids bought me paint to re-do my kitchen. You might think this is rather strange, but honestly, this is what I told them I wanted. Happy to see they actually listened to me! I have had the supplies since the end of August, but have honestly just not had the time. Between taking care of my parents, a new church calling, holidays and a little bit of everyday life, it has just not been a top priority.

During the Christmas season I sat down to write up a list for my kids to go shopping. While doing this I looked around my kitchen and put my list aside and picked up my paintbrush instead. Much more fulfilling :) I still do not have it complete, but I am slowly getting there. I paint a wall whenever I get the chance. The walls are finally done and I today I moved on to the trim. At this rate I will be done just in time for Christmas next year. My next project? Stripping and refinishing my kitchen table to match my newly painted kitchen. That may be complete by New Years of next year as well, but hey, at least I have goals.

Below is a pic of the mud room just off the kitchen. I will posts pictures of the actual kitchen when I actually get it complete :) In the meantime I am showing these because Dayna requested pictures of the color...Just for you, Dayna!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Last night Greg and I had a date with Emma and we had a wonderful time. (Josh was on a snowboarding trip with a friend for the weekend, so it was just the three of us). We went out for Chinese food and then to see "Tangled". Great movie. Probably in my top 10 of all time. Yeah...I know. I am probably the last person in the continental United States to see this movie, but hey, I have been busy. We then came home and watched some TV and Emma and I sipped sparkling grape juice from fancy glasses on my bed while Greg laid snoozing right beside us :) Emma and I called it a night around 11 pm. Yep, we did not even wait until midnight.

Last night before I went to bed, I started thinking of things that had happened this past year. I realized that my previous year was filled mainly with trips to take care of my parents. Not that that is a bad thing. I love my parents and have loved helping them any way that I can. I also realized how amazing my family is while I am away. They all seem to pitch in together and help get things done in my absence. I know that it is sometimes hard on them, but they have been very supportive. I am blessed.

I also thought about all the people who have asked me if I am sad that my children are beginning to leave home and start families of their own. My answer? No. And I don't mean that in a cold, unfeeling way. I saw a video on Mormon Messages this week that summed up my feelings nicely. It was about the New Year and comparing it to the story of Lot's wife found in the Old Testament. Don't look back. Look forward. Great things lie in front of us. I see that everyday with my children. They are beginning a journey of their own and it is exciting! Our family is growing and changing and it is exactly how Heavenly Father wants it to be.

I am anxious to see what 2011 holds for the our family. I am sure there will be trials (always are) mingled with joy and tender mercies from above. We just have to remember to look for the joy and tender mercies. That is why we are here. Yes...Life is good. Not always easy, but definitely good. Happy New Year!