Saturday, March 1, 2014

Photo Dump

It has been a while since I have been on my blog and as I was going through some photos on my phone, I decided I needed to put some on here. goes (in no particular order):  

This first one is of a project Emma did in her Ceramics class.  She told me she had to make a bear and when she brought it home, this is what she showed me - HOLY COW.   For the first time ever attempting something like this, she blew me away.  Girl has some talent!!!  

 This is what Emma eats EVERY morning for breakfast.  I call it "The Usual".  I can't believe how much food this gal can pack away and still stay so tiny.  Must be all that soccer...
 Emma had my phone one morning and after I dropped her off at school, this is what my screen showed.  Little did she know that I needed to read verse 5 and 6 that day.  Tender mercies...
 Another picture I found on my phone...
 Emma's birthday - we all went to Wallaby's for dinner and then to a BYU basket ball game.  I am getting old and lazy and rather than baking cake for her birthday, I went to Craving's and bought a cupcake.  Why haven't I thought of this before???  Genius, and I will definitely be doing this for all the birthdays from now on.  
 At the game later that night for Emma's birthday.  I think Emma, Jenni and Tara spent more time taking pictures than actually watching the game :)  
 Even more...
 Emma started playing on a new soccer team a few of months ago.  They are called Surf and she has had a great time getting to know her new teammates.  We went to a tournament in Mesquite a couple of weeks ago and had the time of our lives.  It was so nice to get away and just relax.  
 Emma getting warmed up before one of the games.  
 I took this picture to remind myself how pretty the red bluffs were against the soccer fields.  It really was beautiful.  Emma's team in on the left huddled.  
 Aubri in the tub :)  I snapped this while watching her one Friday night so Tara and Austin could go on a date.  Aubri and I had a lot of fun :)  
 Jaylee and her Daddy playing X-Box.  Christopher, what kind of example are you setting???  Just kidding - I think this photo is darling :)  
 Josh being Josh...
 I wonder if he actually WORKS while he is at work?  :)  
 Ashlee and Emma skiing last season.  I came across this photo and it made me laugh so I thought I would include it too.  
 And finally, this is a video of a cheer Emma taught some of her teammates at the semi-final game in Mesquite.  We have no idea who these boys were, but they cheered right along with Emma and her friends. She is in the back, third from the right.   It was hilarious watching them practice over and over until they finally got it right.