Monday, September 24, 2012


 A couple of weeks ago Emma, Tara, Aubri, Jenni, Dayna and I all went to Disneyland.  It was magical :)  This was the first time Emma and I had ever been there and that made it even more fun.  The only bad part about the trip was the weather...108 degrees with 78% humidity...nope, not a typo :/  Dayna and Jenni are the Disneyland queens and knew everything that we should do and when and how to do it.  I could not have had a better experience.  

Here are a few photos from the trip:  
Jenni, Emma, Tara and Aubri on It'sA Small World ride--Aubs loved it!  
 Emma with Eyore...kind of.  We did not want to stand in line for a photo, so we got creative.  Emma's hair is wet from the Splash Mountain ride.  We told her she was lightest so she had to sit in front - ha!  
 Aubri devouring an ice cream treat.  It was sooo hot and she was so good.  
 Waiting for one of the parades to begin in California Adventure.  The parades and the shows were my favorite part of the trip.  
 Emma pushing Aubs through California Adventure.  
 Emma at the end of the first day.  She was wiped out!  Dayna and I outlasted all the young gals and ended up staying at the park from open to close everyday.  
 All decked out for Halloween...

 The young Jedi in Training cute.  They called little kids from the audience to train to face Darth Vador in a fight at the end.  One little gal burst into tears when she saw Darth Vador--so funny.  
 Emma and Jenni
 Poor Aubri trying to cool off while she slept.  She was such a trooper.  

 The last day there Dayna bought us matching t-shirts so we could look like twins.  We got a lot of looks and by the end of the day it finally dawned on us that perhaps the looks were not because we looked like twins, but rather a "couple" --haha!  We cracked up over that one.  And yes, we both had fanny packs.  We caught a lot of flack from the girls about our fanny packs, but even they admitted in the end that they were "necessary but not fashionable."  Jenni and Emma were even asking to put stuff in mine.  

 Aubri watching the parade...she loved it and the characters loved her.  As they passed by they would blow her kisses or say how cute she was.  
 Last night in the park by the castle.  We looked wiped out and sweaty-eddie.