Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jenni & Cordell Wedding Pictures

 We finally received the pictures from Jenni & Cordell's wedding.  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Last weekend Josh participated in a mud run called "Cahoots".  He found about it online and talked his friend, Darrell, into doing it with him.  Evidently, you have to do this race in pairs.  When Josh first told me about this I was a bit concerned.  He is in decent shape, but holy cow, this was a RACE.  He was not deterred and entered the race determined to just have fun.  

They had to give their team a name and they came up with "White and Nerdy"..loved it.  As you can possibly tell from Josh's shirt, bow tie and suspenders, he took the name seriously. 

If you look at the pictures it is funny to note that they began with nice, clean, tidy clothing.  They also had happy, energetic smiles.  By the last couple of pictures, that image changes.  Silly boys. (FYI:  they finished in the middle of the pack of about 2,000 people)

 Josh and Darryl holding on for dear life crossing one of the many obstacles they encountered. 
 Looking pretty tired...and finally, complete exhaustion.  Notice how Josh's glasses are just dangling around his neck.  He told me he was too tired to put them back on.  When I asked if he planned to do it again, he replied "of course!"  Love that boy! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Smokey Mornings

 Emma's soccer team is participating in a tournament this week in West Jordan.  Today we had a game at 8 am and this is what the air/sky looked like - yuck.  I wish the smoke would go away.  You can hardly even see the mountains it is so soupy out there. 
Love this picture of Emma waiting to return to the game after a short break.  One more day of heat, smoke and sweat - that goes for me too, not just Emma.  It is hard work yelling cheering on the sidelines ;) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Christopher called me today with some great news.  He received a message from his mission president telling him that a lady he had taught on his mission was finally being baptized this Saturday.  She had somehow contacted President Sanchez and told him that she really wanted to talk to Christopher but did not have his contact information.  President Sanchez passed along the information to Christopher and he called her earlier this afternoon.

Some background information:  Christopher and his companion had found this lady while knocking on doors in 2007.   I remember Christopher telling us all about her and her son, Mark.  Unfortunately, she did not get baptized and he was rather sad about it.  I had forgotten about them until Christopher called me today. 

During their conversation, Jill (the lady)  mentioned to Christopher that she still had the Book of Mormon that he had given her.  Evidently it was one I sent him with my testimony in it to pass on to someone.  She asked him who Dawna Williamson was?  Ha!  She told him that is the book she reads from all the time.  I have a vague recollection of writing my testimony in that book and after I had sent it off, I completely forgot about it--until today.  When Christopher told me this, it kind of choked me up.  All I could think of was little seeds.  He had planted little seeds and now five years later she is accepting the gospel and being baptized.  Once again, small and simple things...