Saturday, November 26, 2011


Last Sunday one of my former Primary class children was visiting his grandmother, who happens to be in our ward. His name is Kai and he moved to Logan a couple of months ago. His father died in Iraq and he is the oldest of two boys in his family. I just love this little guy. He is VERY shy and often can go most of the Sunday without saying a word. Just a sweet and pure little boy.

After Primary he came up to me and gave me the BIGGEST hug. After the hug, he simply said "I have really missed you." Melt my heart. I almost cried right then and there, but I managed to hold it together. From teaching him for an entire year in Primary previous to this calling, I knew that this was a big deal for him to not only say, but to show. I was finally able to tell him that I had really missed him too. We talked for a few more minutes and then he smiled and waved and then was off with his mom. Thanks, Kai for making my day :)

Our Turkey Day

We had Thanksgiving this year at my brother, Mark's home. It was a nice, relaxing day. Lezlie and I decided that we did not want any pressure and made a simple, traditional dinner. Turkey (38 total lbs...that was Mark's idea so that we could have a lot of leftovers), stuffing, mashed potatoes gravy, sweet potatoes souffle, vegies, rolls and lots of pies...Perfect.

The day began with Christopher showing up at 8:30am ready to play in the traditional "Turkey Bowl" that occurs across the street from our home at the park. Every year Christopher's friends and former YM leaders show up to play. It is fun to watch and see everyone. They ended up playing 2 1/2 hours...holy cow.

We then loaded up the car and headed out on our 1 1/2 block trek to Marks. We did not worry too much about accommodating every one's schedule this year. Dinner was set for 2pm and if you could make it fine, if not, fine too. We also announced that pie would be served at 4pm for anyone that wanted to come just for that. Tara, Austin, Jenni, Cordell, Kortney and Chase all came just for dessert. After dessert we sat around the table and visited for a really long time. It was once again, perfect.

To finish off the day, three of my five children ended up at the Black Friday sales. Silly kids. What were they thinking? I tried to warn them, but they all wanted the deals. Whatever. Josh went to the Cedar Hills Walmart and came home swearing that he would never do that again (told you so, Josh...), Christopher and Sam went to Walmart in AF (were able to get everything they were after in the midst of pandemonium) and Emma went with Casey and her dad to Target. She ended up spending the night at Casey's and told me the next day that she went to bed at 3 am, but it was worth it because she got what she was after. A curling iron. Haha...I would never do that for just a curling iron. Can I say it again???? Silly kids...

I, meanwhile, sat in my warm home and watched a Harry Potter marathon in my pj's with Greg snoring right beside me. I still have not been to any of the stores and have no desire whatsoever to go anytime in the near future...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To Make A Pumpkin Pie

Step 1: Send son out to the west desert with his priest quorum and a lot of ammunition and guns.

Step 2: Track a pumpkin, find it and shoot it until it is dead...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another One

I am having fun with Picassa's Picnik program that adjusts the's another one from that day :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago we actually managed to get everyone together for family pictures. Talk about a miracle :)

We asked Sam to bring her nifty camera and tri-pod and we set the timer and this is what happened. Not too bad :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Week...

*Took my mom to the ER four hours after arriving at her home in Boise

*My mom undergoes an emergency procedure 48 hours after ER visit

*Dayna gets the flu while I am visiting her and my mom

*Greg has chest pains for days and is finally diagnosed with angina (while I am in Boise)

*Received a phone call yesterday informing me that my mom has fractured a vertebrae and will need another procedure to fix it

Please, Heavenly Father, just make it all stop...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Passed Over Again

I flew home from Boise last Thursday. I always laugh when I go through security at the airport. I know most people get frustrated with all the rigors we have to go through just to get to the gate, but for some reason, I have not had that frustration.

Since 9/11 and all the new securities at airports have been put into place, I have been on numerous airplanes flying to Oregon and Boise to take care of my parents. In all the times that I have had to go through security, I have only been either "patted down" or had the "body scan" once. Every other time I am told to just walk on through.

Last Thursday was no exception. As I was standing in line I began to notice that the security people were having everyone go through the body scanner. There were about 40 people in front of me and as I turned around I noticed about the same amount behind me. I was thinking, this will be the time that I will be has finally caught up to me.

As I approached the front of the line and watched the people in front of me go through the scanner, the security man stopped and looked at me. After a few moments, he said "Come this way with me", so I did. He took me over to the side and opened a little gate and said "Go on through". I went through a metal detector and that was it. I looked behind me and saw him close the gate and go back to shuffling everyone else through the body scanner. I sat and watched for a while and noticed that he did not let anyone pass by...just me. No one in front of me went the way I did either. Just me.

This happens on a regular basis. Wierd, huh? I am not sure what this means, but it makes me laugh. For some reason I must not look too threatening. I am probably jinxing myself by posting this and now I will be picked every time for the full body scan, but for now I am just smiling.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tender Mercies

This past week Dayna and my mom came to Utah for a visit. I came home with them to help my mom and we arrived in Boise yesterday around 4 pm. At 8 pm last night my mom had some physical problems that lead us to the ER. Fortunately, we did not have to admit her and we both came home around 11:30 pm.

It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father sends tender mercies into our lives. My mom could have had problems on the drive home, but she didn't. If she had, I really do not know what we would have done. It really could have been BAD. Thankfully her problems did not start until AFTER we had returned home - AFTER we had gone to the store for food and AFTER we had both had a short nap that enabled both of us to be rested after a long drive and ready for the long night at the hospital. Tender mercies...

I am also thankful that my mom felt prompted that I should return with her and that my family stepped up and helped out in my absense. If I had not been here, Dayna would have been wiped out when she returned to work on Monday morning and my mom would have been here alone. Another tender mercy... mom and I had a moment of uncontrollable laughter at the ER. It is not something that I will go into detail about, but it is something that we will always remember and giggle about (a lot) for the rest of our lives. Actually, we are still laughing about it this morning hahaha. Isn't it wonderful that Heavenly Father gave us the ability to laugh? Life would be entirely too stressful without the ability to smile.

I love that even though life is hard and sometimes downright discouraging, there is always something to be grateful for. I love tender mercies :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grandpa's Barn

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I decided to draw her a picture this year for her present since she has just about anything she wants. When mom's get to be 76 years old, they become difficult to shop for :)

This barn is the barn she milked cows in as a child. I love it. I remember seeing it many times as a little girl when we would go to Skamokawa to visit my grandparents. It is no longer standing, which makes me kind of sad. Last June when we visited the northwest, we stopped there and walked around the collapsed remains of the barn. Hard to believe that something that used to be so grand and immense is gone. I decided then that I was going to draw it to record it for my mom. I gave it to her yesterday on her big day and she seemed to like it :) Happy Birthday, mom!