Monday, September 26, 2011

The Drive Home Tonight

Today we traveled to Provo to watch Emma play soccer. I just don't get down to Provo very often anymore. Honestly, there really isn't any reason. As we were driving home we passed Jamestown on University Avenue. It made me kind of teary eyed realizing that my Grandma was not there anymore. Actually, she hasn't been there for quite some time, but it still caught me off guard.

We then traveled up the hill into Orem and drove past the nursing home where I saw her for the last time. More misty eyes. Mark and I had gone to visit her that last evening she had on this earth and we even took a picture with her. I still have that picture. It was the last one she was ever in. I can't seem to make myself post it. She looks so frail and gray and that is not how I want myself or my children to remember this vibrant woman.

As we continued to drive, I realized that it has almost been exactly three years since her funeral out in Washington. As that thought came to me, I happened to look out the window of the car and saw the spires of the Timpanogas temple. That sight made me smile. It reminded me that even though she is not on earth with us, one day we will all be together -- forever. THAT will truly be heaven. At that point my misty-eyes were replaced with one large smile and a warm feeling in my heart. I think I had a little taste of heaven in that instant. Can't wait for the entire meal :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

High On A Mountain Top

Josh and his priest quorum in conjuction with the laurels climbed Mt Timp a few weeks ago. Evidently, this climb traditionally begins around midnight and you arrive at the top just in time for sunrise. This was the second time Josh had hiked this mountain in three weeks...CRAZY. It is 7 miles each They had a great time and were dead tired when they returned home. One of the other boys' mom and myself cooked breakfast for them and had it ready to serve when they arrived. They were hungry, tired and ready to go to bed. Yet all of them said it was worth it. Judging from the photo, it looks incredibly beautiful. Still...not sure I am up for that climb, especially in the middle of the night.

California Adventure

A couple of weeks ago Jenni, Coredell and some friends went to California for a short vacation. They had tickets to see some concert on the beach that lasted all day. These are some of the photos that Jenni sent me while they were there...looks like they had fun! She said the weather was perfect the entire time and all of them had a lot of be young again...

Miss Nimble Toes

While at the cabin last weekend, Emma practiced her moves from the dance class she is taking at school. The cabin has a deck that she used and it was quite funny watching her fly by the windows. What was even funnier was how the cabin would shudder and shake as she bounced around.

I tried to grab a couple of photos of her, but I really had a hard time because she was flitting around so quickly. Here is what I ended up with. One is a bit dark, but she has great form :)

Grandpa W

A couple of days ago I received a text from Greg telling me that his dad had gone to the hospital early in the morning due to chest pains. He has not been healthy for years and we are never quite sure if this is the "time". He did suffer from a heart attack and they also had a hard time getting his blood pressure to regulate and also his heart rate. He is beginning to feel better and Greg told me that he is heading home today.

I spent most of that day getting in touch with my children and trying to coordinate a visit to the hospital in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, we could not all make it at the same time, but we did all manage to drop in that evening at some point.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at Eliza Blue's baptism (isn't she cute?). I snapped it with my cell phone as we came out of the chapel and when I later had time to look at it, I kind of like how it turned out.

Emma's Photos

While we were at the cabin Sam took some pictures of Emma. I had promised Emma that we would get some pictures of her because I had refused to pay the outrageous price of school pictures.
Every year it makes me crazy when those little packets come home. One picture for $20 or more and you are not even sure it will be good. Serious?
Anyway, Sam did a great job and it kept Emma occupied for an evening...thanks Sam :) I think they turned out really cute!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Today I have felt yucky. Flu yucky. We are supposed to be going to the cabin with Tara, Austin, Chris and Sam (Jenni and Cordell have to work) tomorrow, so I hope I feel better soon. I was determined that flu or not, I was going to finish organizing my newly painted family room/computer room. I couldn't stand the chaos one more day! It had to be done...

While doing so, I came across a biography paper that Josh wrote in high school for an English class. Tucked in the very last plastic cover were 2 letters - one titled "Parents" and another that said "Children". Yep, I opened and read the one that said parents and what I read made my flu feeling subside for a bit.

Here is part of what he said in his letter:

"Mom, thanks for teaching me ethics and teaching me how to work and how to appreciate the small things in life..."

Moments like that seem to make all those years worth while. No, it is not a monetary payment, but an eternal payment. He gets it. At least on that day he did and hopefully in the future it will stick with him as well.

I know people will think I am crazy for typing this when I feel utterly awful, but I wanted to remember it and knew that if I did not do it right now, I would forget.

There. It is done and I can go lay down for a while and rest--And hopefully feel good enough to get up in a bit and get everything ready to head out of town...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of College & A Project

Yesterday was Josh's first day of college. He is going to LDSBC and they started a lot later
than everyone else. In addition, they get out of school for the end of the term BEFORE anyone else. Cool.

His classes begin at 7:30 am and go until 1:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. LOVE IT! He then comes home and goes directly to work and stays there until around 8:30 pm. This is what I"M talking 'bout :)

I love keeping kids busy and I think it is great getting him on the missionary time schedule a whole year before he leaves.

You will notice in the picture that I am in the process of painting my family room and things around him look a little scattered. I am slowly putting the finishing touches on everything and I hope to have it all complete in the next week or so.

Actually that is what I said last week, but I had so many unexpected things arise, I was forced to put my project aside. Hopefully, this week will be more eventful.

She Did It

Yep. They really put "Beiber" on her soccer jersey.
The only problem is that they spelled it wrong...bwhahahahahha. (Should have been "Bieber")
Emma was very disappointed :(
I wasn't :)

Monday, September 5, 2011


This past couple of weeks I have had a couple of
experiences with Christopher. I realize that I don't blog too much about him... I think it is because he is TWENTY-THREE (almost twenty four...when did THAT happen???), married and does not live at home anymore. But, he is one amazing child and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts to be part of my "journal".

About two weeks ago he came to our home one night and burst through the back door saying "Mom? MOM? MOOOOMMMMYYYYY??? Are you home???" I could immediately tell by the tone of his voice that something was wrong. That, and he called me mommy! haha!!!

He had been playing football with some friends a couple of blocks from our house and during one of the plays he did something to his knee. He could barely even walk. As soon as I saw him I thought about the time he had torn his ACL and ripped both of his meniscus' playing basketball while in high school. I hoped it was not that bad...

Thankfully it wasn't. Greg gave him a blessing when he got home and I drove Christopher (he could not drive) home with Josh following to take me home after. It is kind of funny to realize that no mater how old children get, when they are hurt they want their mom. I know I do.

Last Saturday my niece, Eliza Blue (I love just saying her name, it has a ring to it) was baptized. She is the last of all the Williamson cousins to be baptized...strange. Anyway, when she was confirmed, it was so neat to see my family members in the circle. What a blessing to have son who honors their priesthood and shares it. I don't think there is much on this earth that makes me happier than to see my children live righteous lives. Watching Christopher stand there with his hands on her head really touched me. What a great young man he has become and I am sure Heavenly Father is pleased with him as well. I also loved how he helped his grandfather walk up to and back from the circle, steadying him each way. That is love in action and it made me smile.

Lastly, yesterday Christopher helped me with my Sharing Time in Primary. Our theme was about missionary work. I had asked Brett J and Christopher to come in and share some stories from their missions. It is so amazing to me how Heavenly Father has sculpted them into these spiritual leaders. They both did great and it was fun to watch them up there interacting with the children and sharing their experiences and testimonies. It made me realize how blessed we are for having these young men in our lives and what great fathers they will be one day. Thanks for your example, Christopher! Love ya :)