Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyone Loves A Band

I had a friend do a post about the high school band that passes in our neighborhood in preparation for the big parade on the 4th of July. They march up and down our streets practicing and honestly, I have become so used to it that it really would not seem like Summer if I did not see them go by.

I love how I can hear the drums start at the school and hear that great John Phillips Sousa music start as they come near. I also enjoy all the little neighborhood children who come running outside to see them pass by. Cute! The AF Band is a nationally recognized band who has won numerous awards and the director happens to be in our ward. He was even one of Christopher's favorite YM leaders.

Priest Camp 2011

Josh and Greg went to the annual Priest Camp in southern Utah while I was in Oregon. We have such a great group of boys in our ward. Truly, we are fortunate. They had the opportunity to go scuba diving and Josh loved it! His ears bothered him a bit, but he worked through it. Greg went as the grub master and told me upon arriving home that he worked his tail off the entire time. He was exhausted :) Haha...welcome to MY life! Just kidding...kind of...

Josh snapped this great picture of the flag one evening and when I saw it, I knew I needed to post it. I love patriotic stuff.

He Did It!!!

Yes...these pictures should have been posted long before now, but hey, I have been busy. Josh did it! He graduated good ole' AF High and is now on to LDSBC in the Fall. He even graduated with honors :) Tara made him the nifty candy lei's and Josh supplied the silly looks. He was not too excited to have us take pictures of him so he decided to be goofy. Typical. The other picture was taken when I was walking in the Marriott Center going to my seat. I happened to look out the window and saw all the male graduates down below, so I snapped a picture. At the time I could see him in the mass of people, but now, no so much. Hmmm...I wonder which one he is???

On To Bigger & Better Things

Emma graduated from elementary school earlier this month and I just have not had time to post pictures...until now. I keep saying it, but I really can't believe that my baby is going to junior high - yikes! I am glad that she has a good circle of friends and that they are all great kids. That seems to help mom's not worry as much.

The first photo shows Emma getting her "diploma" from Mr. Palmer. The next photo is of Emma and some of her friends that seem to end up at our home quite a bit and the last photo is of Emma and Casey.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things That Have Happened Lately

Wow...June is almost gone and I have simply not had time to post much. So...I am going to do a quick catch-up here and hopefully post pictures later. Here are the big things that happened in June:

Emma graduated from 6th grade! We no longer have any children in elementary school-strange.

Josh graduated from High School! He is on to bigger and better things...college at LDS Business College and a mission in a little over a year. He does not turn 19 until next summer.

Tara & Austin are expecting! After months of keeping this secret, we can finally let the world know that they are expecting their first child on New Year's Day :)

Jenni moved out! Jenni found an apartment in SLC with some gals and is very excited to have a place of her own to decorate and nest in. It is also much closer to Cordell's so they will both save on gas money and time.

Christopher & Sam moved to Orem! Christopher got a new job just a few blocks from his new apartment and they love living in the same complex with his childhood friend, Chade and his wife.

I took a trip to OreBoldgon with my mom! We had so much fun touring our old haunts and stomping around graveyards looking for headstones. The northwest will always be home to me. I told Greg I found the cemetery I want to be buried in. It is in Skamokawa Washington and many of my ancestors are buried there. He unfortunately, wants to be buried in the South...we may have a problem.

Greg & Josh go camping in southern Utah with the Priests! Greg went as the food dude and Josh loved the scuba diving. Glad they are both back safe and sound.

Emma went to Girl's Camp! This was her first year and she had so much fun...a big thank-you to Crystal for making this a wonderful experience for her. I know that you put a lot of time, effort and tears into this event. Let me just say that it was worth it :)

That is all I can think of, pictures coming soon....I hope.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Morning View

When I woke up yesterday, this was the view that my mom and I saw when we opened the curtains of our hotel window. Heaven!!! Blue skies, still water, and a ship quietly passing by. Moments like this make life a little bit easier to endure :)