Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Jenni Story

This past week Jenni and her best friend, Val decided to take off for a trip to Disneyland. If you knew these two girls, this would not be strange at all. They decided to go on Friday and left on Saturday. My head was kind of spinning. I have to admit that I was really concerned about sending these two out into the big, scary world all by themselves. Let's be honest... "concerned" does not even begin to describe the terror I felt. On the inside I was having massive panic attacks, but knew that I could not hold them back. My first reaction was "absolutely not!", but then I realized that they are almost 21 years old and I ccouldn't tell them no. They are technically adults...technically. What were we to do???

I am grateful to say that they had a wonderful trip and arrived back home all safe and sound earlier today. However,yesterday I had a funny (alarming) little call from Jenni that I have to relay. It went something like this:

Jenni: Hi Mom! We are at the beach and it is awesome!!!

Me: That is great! What time are you leaving today to make it to St George? (They spent the night in St George both ways)

Jenni: I think in a little while. Hey...could you do us a favor? Would you please google how long it takes to get to St George?

Me: Didn't you just drive there from St George three days ago? Don't you know from that?

Jenni: Oh yeah!!! I forgot!!! Will you do one more thing please?

Me: Sure, what do you need?

Jenni: Can you look on the computer and tell us what road we need to be on to get to St George?

Me: What road did you drive on to get to Disneyland?

Jenni: Oh yeah! I forgot!

HELP!!! Can you see my concern? After a few more minutes of discussion I discovered that they did not even take a map with them. ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME???? 1200 plus miles and no map. Just get in the car and start driving. It is a miracle that they even made it to the California boarder, let alone a complete round trip. That girl is going to be the death of me. I have to believe that a lot of angels were out there watching over those two. Thank goodness :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kaycee & Emma's Halloween Party

Tonight Emma and her best friend, Kaycee had their Halloween party with 15 of their "closest" friends. They have been planning this for weeks and pretty much driving me crazy. I am still not sure how we all got roped into having this little shin-dig, but oh-well.

Emma and Kaycee planned EVERYTHING for this party. They got their hands on a "Family Fun" magazine and discovered lots of party games. I have to say they did a really good job. They ran the show and planned the entire thing. The only thing that went wrong was when Kaycee cut her hand really bad on an ice skate right before the party and had to go to the ER to get stitches. Other than that, it ran really smooth.

I did not get any pictures until right at the end, so not many of the kids where still around, but you can get the idea. Also, I had the wrong camera with me so the photos are kind of fuzzy...sorry.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Gardening Complete :)

Yesterday was the last day for all the volunteers that work on the temple grounds at Mount Timpanogos Temple for 2009. We finished planting all the tulips and pansies in preparation for winter. It was actually rather bittersweet. I have loved these past six months working with these wonderful sisters and feeling of their spirits. When I was called to this position, I was really surprised. At first I was hesitant, but I quickly learned to look forward to each Thursday morning and visiting/working with these wonderful ladies. They have taught me so much, not only about gardening, but about life. I now look at the temple grounds with a totally different perspective. I always thought that we had to go inside the temple to learn about our Heavenly Father, but I now know that much knowledge can be found on the dedicated grounds as well. I am already looking forward to returning next spring!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christopher's 22nd Birthday

Today we celebrated Christopher's 22nd birthday. I cannot believe that I have a 22 year old child. I keep telling Greg that I am too hot to have a kid this old-ha!

We had to speak in church today, so Christopher, Sam, Tara and Austin visited our ward and afterwards came to our home and we all had dinner and cake with Josh, Emma, Greg and myself. Jenni had an unforeseen detour in Kaysville and could not make it...bummer :( Maybe next year!!!

Christopher still requests my triple chocolate cake each year. I made up this recipe and it is indeed very rich and probably something that should only be eaten once a year...but is so yummy :\ Happy Birthday Christopher! Hope you had a great one-love ya!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog and decided that I need to say something. Even if it is not really that significant :) After all, this is my journal.

Let's see...what has been happening? This past weekend was General Conference. What a wonderful spiritual feast we had! Jenni and Christopher actually were able to get tickets to go to the Conference Center in SLC and see the Sunday morning session. What a great experience. Jenni told me how much she loved seeing President Monson and listening to his great talk. He centered his talk on giving service to others. He asked that each day we ponder the question "What did I do for someone today?" Wouldn't that world be a much better place if everyone had this mindset?

Saturday evening Jenni, Tara, Emma and myself all went out to eat at Zupas while Christopher, Josh and Greg went to the priesthood session. We really had a great time! Greg took the boys out after their meeting. It always makes me smile to drive around our little city after the priesthood session and peer into all the restaurants and see the men/boys in their white shirts and ties. If you live close to me, you have got to drive by JCW's and look into the lobby next time priesthood session gets out...WOW! I honestly think that Josh looks forward to the meal more than the meeting. Perhaps one day he will see the light :)

This Saturday is Emma's last soccer game for the season. They did really well this fall. They have only lost one game. Emma continues to love it and at times takes it a bit too seriously. Last week she was not pleased with a call that the ref (who is all of about 14 by the way) did not make. She came out of the game talking under her breath saying that he needed to go back to "Soccer School"-EKKKKKK! Talk about a teaching moment. That child is going to be the death of me! Hopefully next week she will learn to hold her tongue...

Emma is also trying to decide that all important issue of what to dress up as for Halloween. Can I just say that I am so happy to almost be done with this stage of my life? I have been worrying about Halloween costumes for 21 years now. She was debating between a lawyer and a princess. Talk about polar opposites! I think I have her finally convinced to be a cute little bunny...easy costume, warm and cheap! Not really sure I how pulled that one off.

Wedding plans are still plugging along. Before we know it November 20th will be here! We really do not see too much of Christopher anymore. He is busy working and going to school. When he does have free time, it is spent with Sam.

Jenni is still Jenni :) I don't want to go into much detail about what is happening in her life. Let's just say that she is here a lot and we seem to have LOTS of talk lately about boys ( I guess I should say boy) and looking forward to what lies ahead in her life.

Tara and Austin are doing wonderful and seem to be loving married life. They are both in school and working full time. Life is busy for them and we are grateful that they continue to stop by and say "hello" and eat. Eating seems to be a theme when they arrive. I kind of wonder if Tara is feeding that poor boy...just kidding, Tara!

Greg started his new job a few weeks ago. It has been such a blessing for our family. He is busy learning all the in's and out's and is a bit stressed, but doing fine. He is the new accountant for MetalMart. I am very grateful for all the hours he spends away from home so that I can stay home with our children.

Well...I think that pretty much sums everything up. Life is good...crazy, but good :)